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AB INDESKO is a privately owned family company founded in 1934.

The aim has always been to be a leading supplier of tailor-made raw materials and industrial minerals to the metallurgical industry in Scandinavia together with the ceramic- and refractory industry in Sweden.

The head office is located in Stockholm whereas the warehouse and production unit is located in Västerås in direct connection to the harbour.

The reason for choosing Västerås as location for the warehouse is firstly that the city is well positioned close to the customer base in Bergslagen and secondly that it serves a port with a good capacity in the lake Mälaren.

AB INDESKO represent and co-operate with leading producers from all over the world such as Mexichem Fluor, Glencore, Velco GmbH, Sibelco and Magna. We value and work for close, personal and long-term relationships to all our business partners.

The market strategy is based upon Quality and Added value.
Tradition, Knowledge, Quality, Safety
and Service are corner stones in our business. The ambition is to always try to full-fill and exceed the demands and expectations of our customers and suppliers.

All production and tailor-making of the different imported raw materials are done in the production unit in Västerås.

The sales program consist among others of:
  • Top slags
  • Fluorspar (metallurgical, ceramic)
  • Fluorspar concentrat - Acid grade
  • Bauxite
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium oxide
  • Olivine sand
  • Chromite sand
  • Clays - Ball Clay and China Clay
  • Magnesite / Magnesite masses
  • Recipe blends and mixes
  • Magnetite
  • Perlite
  • Ferro Sulphur


From our warehouse and production plant in Västerås swift and efficient “just in time” deliveries are executed to the customers.

All the imported raw materials and industrial minerals are taken in by vessel, container or railway over the port of Västerås in lots of 500-4000 metric tons. After arrival the different materials are stored under dry conditions, well protected and well separated.

Our total capacity for warehousing is 25.000 metric tons for bulk materials and 10.000 metric tons for palletized goods.

In order to maximise the capacity and minimise the risk for contamination the production is separated in two different processes. The total production capacity is 50.000 metric tons / year based upon one working shift.

The raw materials are processed and tailor-made in our very efficient and flexible production.
We are able to offer a full range of processing possibilities such as:

  • Drying
  • Crushing
  • Sieving
  • Mixing
  • Metall separation
  • Packing

Supplies and deliveries are made according to the specific need and demand of the customer.
From our plant we are able to supply and deliver:
  • Loose material on tipping chassi
  • Bulk material in silo trucks
  • Palletized goods on trucks or railway
  • Material in Big Bags of various sizes
  • Material in bags, drums or containers


The aim of AB INDESKO is to do business in a sustainable long term way.

Quality, environment and safety are essential corner stones in our business model and are always in our minds when we execute our work and interact with our different counter parts.

We take our social responsibility serious and believe in good core values and in sound business practice. We are committed to respect human- and equal rights, diversity together with health and safety.

Responsibility and Respect are words that summarize and create the foundation in our business.

Our ambition is to do business in a most responsible way where we always respect and take consideration to all the people we work with, the environment we do business in and the community where we are present and operate in.

The environment is a priority for us. The environmental consequences is always considered and evaluated in the decisions and actions we take. The same thinking we apply when we choose and evaluate our products and services, suppliers and business partners together with our use of transportation and logistics solutions.
By always trying to achieve the best and most efficient solutions in our work we are able to minimize our environmental footprint and the negative effects our business have. Investments in modern and efficient production, techniques, machining tools, automization together with trucks and motor vehicles help and support us in saving energy and minimizing any loss of material in order to achieve a low and most efficient consumption of recourses. Residues from materials are reused to a great extent.

Our ambition in the environmental field is secured by adding further information and knowledge. It is our full belief that a consequent and long term commitment to environmental work leads to both environment gains and to added value in our business and to our customers and business partners.

AB INDESKO sees its employees as its most important asset. The aim is to create a safe and healthy working place for our employees offering them varied working conditions with a great deal of self-influence. By adding knowledge and learning we encourage additional personal responsibility and ensure a gradual and systematic development of our sustainability- environmental- and quality work, where all ideas for improvement is encouraged in order to achieve as good total quality in the business as possible.


  • Photo: Stig-Göran Nilsson - Luleå (Jernkontoret)


  • Carpenter Powder Products
  • Celsa Armeringsstål
  • Ellwood Quality Steels
  • Erasteel
  • Höganäs Sweden
  • Kanthal
  • Outokumpu Stainless
  • Ovako
  • Sandvik
  • Björneborg Steel
  • SIJ Metal Ravne
  • SSAB
  • Uddeholms
  • Hydro
  • Kubal


  • Combi Casting / Wear Parts
  • Keycast Kohlswa
  • Roslagsgjuteriet
  • Sandvik SRP
  • Stavanger Steel
  • Storebrogjuteriet
  • Valmet
  • Åkers Sweden
  • Österby Gjuteri


  • Calderys Nordic
  • Höganäs Borgestad
  • Cebex / Cerama
  • Gabriel Keramik
  • Geberit / IFÖ Sanitär
  • IFÖ Electric



Martin Carring

+46 70 582 68 10


Lars Gustavson
Market / Sales

+46 70 608 74 43

Peter Fernström
Economy / Environment

+46 70 563 00 14


Kjell Pålsson
Market / Sales

+46 70 300 76 47


Stefan Salmonsson
Site manager / Quality

+46 70 216 68 77


Mikael Walther
Warehouse / Production

+46 70 768 78 79

Daniel Ryd
Warehouse / Production

Micael Gelin
Warehouse / Production



Box 26154, SE-100 41 Stockholm

Visiting address:
Birger Jarlsgatan 58, 114 29 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8-10 09 70       Fax: +46 8-796 79 30
Opening hours: 08:00-17:00 (lunch 12:00-13:00)
Order mail: Order-avrop@indesko.se


Saltängsvägen 7, SE-721 32 Västerås

Visiting address:
Saltängsvägen 7, 721 32 Västerås

Phone: +46 21-15 05 00      
Opening hours: 07:00-16:00 (lunch 12:00-13:00)




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